Lion Apparel Authorized Clean and Repair
Services Help Fire Departments Meet NFPA-1851

repairThis service is designed to help fire departments of any size comply with NFPA 1851 in an economical, efficient, and responsible manner.

NFPA 1851 specifies that departments regularly inspect and clean protective clothing using manufacturer-approved processes. It also requires that these processes be documented.

Certified Technicians Inspect, Clean, and Repair
Technicians are trained and certified by Lion Apparel to perform inspection, cleaning, and repair services to meet Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) standards of quality. The technicians use OEM processes and materials, as stipulated by NFPA 1851, for making all repairs.

Automated Record Keeping
Our Lion Apparel Authorized Clean and Repair Centers use Pro-Trax® software to track and record the inspection, cleaning, and repair cycle. Pro-Trax®, created by Lion Apparel, employs cutting-edge, two-dimensional barcode technology to generate the What, Where, When, and Why required by NFPA 1851. This automated process delivers superior accuracy and generates reports and information necessary to assess the fit-for-duty status of each PPE element.

cleanStrict Training and Performance Standards
Lion Apparel approves all sewing, cleaning, and tracking equipment used by the center. Every technician must participate and successfully complete a rigorous training course. At the course’s completion, the technician must demonstrate his/her ability to inspect, clean, and repair protective clothing consistently at OEM levels. Pre-selected repairs are evaluated against factory specifications by Lion Apparel’s laboratory.

LIONlogoJust as with ISO certification, Lion Apparel Authorized Clean and Repair Centers are evaluated each year in order to maintain their authorized status.